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  • The American Nudist Research Library ®, Inc. welcomes donations of any items related to the nudist movement and life. Histories and old captioned pictures are especially prized as are club patches, medallions, name tags and awards. Nudist books, magazines, brochures, videos/movies, art work and other nudist memorabilia additions to the Library collection are gratefully accepted. Monetary donations to help with operating expenses are also gratefully accepted. Private collections of nudist material in estates or institutions would find a wonderful home in the ANRL.

  • ANRL asks that you to attach instructions for your executor to donate your nudist archives of photos, books, magazines, etc. to our Library. In the far future when your estate is being distributed, your items will go to a good place. ANRL can send stickers that you can attach to individual items or boxes of items. Photo of Stickers

  • ANRL needs a Research Librarian. We are looking for somebody with skills in organizing our library to be more in line with a Research Library. We have a huge archive but need to improve its organization to facilitate searches by researchers and scholars.

Note: The Library has sufficient quantities of some of the most popular magazines. Please Email us before sending your material and verify that we need it.

  • All donations are tax deductible. Donors will receive a receipt for income tax purposes if requested. Please contact the Library to arrange for monetary and tangible donations.

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  • The Library also seeks contributions of time and energy from volunteers in Central Florida. Seasonal volunteers are very welcome. We need help in the following areas:

    1. Keeping the Lights On - Working in the library
    2. Positions Related to Publicity and Outreach - Optionally work in your home
    3. Scanning - Mostly working in the library
    4. Physical Archiving - In the library
    5. Digital Archiving - In library or remotely at home
    6. Curation (Organizing Library Archives) - Mostly working in the library
    7. Technical Opportunities - Optionally work in your home
  • Note Items listed in the 6 categories below are not prioritized in importance.

  • Keeping the Lights On - Working in the library
  • Position Description Status
    Library Greeter Open the door and turn on the light and welcome visitors. You would be given instructions on how the Library works and where things are to be able to answer simple questions. This position is easier than a Librarian as it only involves working with Library visitors. Open
    Librarian Open the door and turn on the light and welcome visitors. In addition to welcoming Library visitors, you would need to know all the procedures outlined in the Library’s Operation Manual. Open
    Surplus Material Coordinator You would keep a database of surplus material, collect donations, process orders and then ship the orders. LC
    General Helper This is “Open-Ended” in nature: We need somebody knowledgeable in all aspects of the Library to fill in as needed for various tasks not specifically outlined above. Open

  • Positions Related to Publicity - Optionally work at home
  • Position Description Status
    Publicity Coordinator You would establish contact with any and all possible Club, Organization or Individual related to the nudist movement and ask them to add a link our Web site on their Web site, add blurbs or notices relating to ANRL to their publications, include ANRL distribution lists for their newsletters or publications and ask if ANRL could link to their Web site. You would work with Library Staff and Board members to wordsmith the blurbs or notices that get sent out. You would update the database of contacts and keep it current. Multiple
    Organize Special Events This includes one or more Open House events with possible “wine and cheese.” A certain amount of coordination will be involved for successful events. Also, there are several big weekend events at the Cove in which we could setup a table and promote the library. Examples include Nude-A-Palooza and Parrot Head weekend. Open
    Photographer You would either take new pictures or select pictures from our archive and provide them to the Website Administrator to be included in the Website SlideShow or on individual pages. Open
    Write Blurbs Need a continuous steam of blurbs about ANRL for “N”, “The Bulletin” and “E-FROG” Open
    Social Media Post to Twitter & Facebook to promote ANRL RAP DF
    Maintain ANRL’s Bulletin Board The Bulletin Board is visible to anyone walking past the Library. Current or newsworthy articles should be posted there. Open
    Graphic Artist Our Logo and Banner need to be redesigned. Our web site could use some little graphics here and there to make it more interesting for visitors. Open
    Book of the Month Listing Find an interesting book and then write a blurb for publishing in Social Media, Cypress Knee, “N” and AANR’s Bulletin RAP

  • Scanning and Archiving - Mostly working in the library
  • Position Description Status
    Scanner You would sit at the scanning station and scan magazines, books, “Who’s Who” folders, Club Folders, etc. You should be familiar with basic use of computers. You would receive training in scanning skills. MS
    Scan Postcards, Photos and Slides We have several thousand postcards that are in folders. These need to be scanned. Open
    Scan un-bound documents Many documents are not bound and exist in folders. These need to be scanned and could be scanned with a home-scanner, not the big scanner in the library. JS
    Convert VHS Tapes to DVD Many VHS Tapes have already been converted, but we need to make DVDs for all. This is a real-time job because you will be watching each VHS in real-time while converting to DVD. This could easily be done at your home. GN

  • Curation (Organizing Library Archives) - Mostly working in the library
  • Position Description Status
    Catalog TOCs for each scanned magazine We are wanting to build a master TOC of all articles. For starters, we’re wanting to pull out .pdf pages which show the TOC for each magazine. Open
    Surplus Video Info Create list of all Videos (VHS and DVD) in the archive and update the list of Surplus Videos. Many of the Surplus Videos have been marked with “Suggested Donation” so the job is getting that information into a list that can be published on our Website. LC
    Organize the collection Many of our documents exist in duplicate and are in the wrong places. We need somebody to sort all that out. Open
    Find replacement pages Many of our Bound Books have missing pages because patrons may have cut them out. We need to replace those with pages from Archive or Surplus Magazines. Open
    Update Suggested Donations Update the listing of Suggested Donations in our database so that we can publish accurate donation info on our web site. Open
    Add new “Who’s” in “Who’s Who” Our folders need to be updated with contemporary figures in the nudist community. You would ask Clubs and Organizations to provide profiles or other information.
    Inventory Coordinator You would produce a complete inventory in ANRL’s database of documents and media. We don’t know exactly what’s in our Library, exactly what’s been scanned, exactly what Videos have been converted to DVD, etc. and we’re trying to fix that. Open
    Find books suitable for Surplus or Loan Our collection of Books has duplicates that should be moved to Surplus or “For Loan” Open

  • Technical Opportunities - Optionally work in your home
  • Position Description Status
    Post Process Scanned Data The actual scanning of documents takes far less time than the conversion of data to searchable PDF files. We need help with this kind of work. Open/MZ
    Web site Designer You could help design a better Web Site. We are currently using Drupal 9 and while that’s working great, changes could be made to provide better page layouts and navigation tools. Open
    Proof Read our Web site Our Web site has a good number of pages and some corrections are needed. You would read the pages and make changes to improve accuracy and avoid redundancy. Team Positions Open
    Upgrade Website The current Website needs a new platform - Drupal 10 ? AB
    Server Administration You would help design a Server to make Library Media available to remote users, possibly with a VPN, in a very secure way. Team Positions Open
    Local Kiosk Patron Computer #1 and #2 (Local Kiosk) are available to ANRL visitors for the purpose of viewing digital data. All ports of the computer need to be locked to prevent Library visitors from copying anything or sending anything over the Internet. Open
    Remote Kiosks Kiosks would be available to other nudist libraries for the purpose of viewing ANRL’s digital data that has been scanned. All ports of the computer would be locked to prevent Library visitors from copying anything or sending anything over the Internet. Open
    Website Security We will need tight security if we start to using the Internet to distribute Library Media. Team Positions Open
    Database Coordinator You would design a relational database for ANRL using FileMaker Pro 18. You would design report forms that could be automatically produced by ANRL Staff. You would produce reports that could be displayed on ANRL’s web site. RAP
    Researcher Create TimeLines. Possible areas include 1) ANRL History 2) ANRL Leadership 3) AANR Leadership 4) Club and Organization Histories. 5) Add new people in the “Who’s Who” Archive. 6) Update “Who’s Who” folders that have been scanned but are randomly constructed. There are a huge number of little research projects to choose from. Open
    Undefined Areas We are wanting to make the ANRL into a better place to do Research and we need your ideas to help with that. Open

  • Outreach - Optionally work in your home
  • Position Description Status
    Nudist Clubs & Organizations Contact 450 clubs in the Club Database and encourage them to be Club Sponsors Team Positions Open
  • Volunteers working at home (from anywhere in the world) - Posted in N and eBulletin
  • Position Description Status
    Review Review and do quality control for scans of historic magazines and materials in our digital Archive Team Positions Open
    Review Videos Watch naturist videos, rate them and write reviews Team Positions Open
    Convert Videos Convert naturist DVDs, VHS tapes and and films to superior digital formats
    Review Books Read and review nudist books GN
    Book of the Month Make suggestions for naturist books of the month RAP
    Monitor Internet/Social Media Monitor the internet for naturist news from clubs, resorts naturist associations, tour operators, etc., and process for retention in our files Team Positions Open
    Update Database Record new additions for our catalog of naturist magazines, books, videos, and audio recordings LC
    Publicity Help with publicity and membership campaigns to inform others about our library Team Positions Open
    Communicate Coordinate communications between our library and other libraries in our nudist library consortium DF
    ZOOM Meetings Set up ZOOM conferences for online meetings of library volunteers DF
    Many Other Possibilities Work in areas that capture your interest Team Positions Open

  • High level projects (Work from Home)
  • Position Description Status
    Review Quality of Projects in Progress Look at projects being done and rank them with respect to ANRL’s objectives Open
    Increasing membership Review causes of declining membership and develop plans to reverse this trend Open
    Enhance Research Resources This includes improvements in indexing, filing for easy retrieval, efficient searching of the archives, automatic report generation, etc.) Open
    Automation Creation and use of automation programs and scripts to minimize manual efforts and improve quality of results. Apple offers Automator and Apple Script. Team Positions Open
    **Programming and Computer Maintenance
    Job Focus
    RMM (remote
    management and maintenance)
    Maintain library computers
    FileMaker Database upgrades: it works
    but needs improvements
    FileMaker Server This involves hardware, software, and network configuration needed to get the FileMaker Server up and running for our FileMaker Database
    Patron Kiosk setup and maintenance
    Website updates slide show, forms for membership
    application, general clean-up and
    de-clutter, PayPal forms, etc.
    perl programming Process data extractd from NAS with SSH and
    then update the Database with CSV files

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