Amazon Smile Program

Support ANRL by Making Amazon Purchases with the Amazon Smile Program

By Dave Foote

Who in our library audience buys through Amazon? Just about everybody would be my guess—that’s practically a no brainer these days.

ANRL is in a program with Amazon available only to charities and non-profits like ours, through which one-half percent of most Amazon purchases will be donated to our library. With so many purchases made on Amazon these days, all those one-half percent donations add up.

The name of the program is Amazon Smile, and anyone with an Amazon account can participate. It makes no difference if you have a regular or an Amazon Prime account, and people can participate in Amazon Prime and Amazon Smile at the same time.

Amazon makes it easy to join the Smile program by use of a “Magic Link”. Enter the Magic Link below into your browser, and you’ll be taken to Amazon Smile with ANRL as your supported organization. Save the Magic Link as a bookmark, and you will always go directly to Amazon Smile in support of ANRL.

ANRL’s MAGIC LINK:–1939933

Make sure to enter the link accurately. When you reach Amazon Smile the first time, double check to make sure it shows you are supporting ANRL. Every time you make a Smile purchase, the amount of your contribution to ANRL will be incremented.

If you are already enrolled in Amazon Smile, it’s a little more complicated. You need to click Accounts & Lists, then Your Amazon Smile, then Change Charity. Type in American Nudist Research Library; when it comes up, hit OK.

Not all Amazon purchases are eligible for Smile, but many are. Items not eligible for Smile will be clearly indicated along with each item’s pricing information.

Please help the ANRL take advantage of this generous support offered by Amazon, and don’t forget to spread word about the Amazon Smile program among your friends and neighbors.

Questions or issues about ANRL’s Amazon Smile program, may be emailed to me at