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Welcome to the Library, by Paul LeValley, President, American Nudist Research Library

Welcome to the American Nudist Research Library. We are an independent non-profit organization dedicated to preserving nudist history in the United States, Canada, and the world. With knowledge, we help protect our freedoms into the future.

Our holdings include approximately:

1,000 Books
12,000 Magazines
7,000 Newsletters
1,000 Club Files
1,000 Videos
200 Audio Tapes
Legal files, photos, etc.

Our staff of approximately 40 local and remote volunteers keep the library running. We rely entirely on donations of money, materials, and time.

A bit of history: Read and Jayne Schuster formed the library in 1979 by combining her collection of nudist club memorabilia with Donald Johnson’s extensive collection of nudist magazines. Enthusiastic backers Jim and Lyda “Pete” Hadley erected the present building in 1983, and doubled its size in 1996. Remodeling in 2023 added another 200 feet of shelf space.

In 2005, librarians began raising funds to digitally scan the collection. We have now scanned all of our magazines, all of our newsletters, all of our club files, all of our videos, and we are starting on the books. By joining with three younger nudist libraries in California, Oregon, and Wisconsin in a Nudist Research Library Consortium, these digital files are now available for viewing at any of the four locations. A few trusted researchers can even access them at home.

We are located on the grounds of beautiful Cypress Cove Nudist Resort near Kissimmee, Florida. Our building is clothing-optional, and non-nudists can visit by appointment. Come and see how much we have to offer for the whole family.

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