Two Dropbox Accounts on one Computer Handout

Handout for the “Two Dropboxes” Prezzo

 Cove Apple Club  Jan 28, 2015  Bob Proctor 

  1. Free Dropbox w/ 2 GB plus 500 MB for each referral
  2. Sharing - initiate file/folder sharing from the Dropbox Web site
  3. Multiple computers on same account If you have two computers you can put the same Dropbox on both.
  4. Selective sync Limit Dropbox folders on each computer
  5. Big Data: If your data size exceeds your free Dropbox limit, you can buy Dropbox Pro which has 1 TB of storate and costs $99/yr.
  6. Two Dropboxes You need two Dropbox accounts and a different Email address for each
    1. Example 1: Personal Dropbox and Business Dropbox
    2. Example 2: Personal Dropbox and ANRL Dropbox (1 TB)
  7. Setup Procedure See details at
    1. Make a new directory Dropbox-Business
    2. Create Automator Custom Application Script and save it in Dropbox-Business for example
      HOME=$HOME/Dropbox-ANRL /Applications/ &
    3. Add the new Automator Script to your Login Items  -> System Preferences… -> Users & Groups – Login Items
    4. Re-Boot
  8. Where are my Dropboxs?
    1. /Users/rproctor/Dropbox
    2. /Users/rproctor/Dropbox-Business/Dropbox
  9. Control your Dropboxes
    1. New Dropbox Account Initiate this from the Dropbox Web site. Be sure to use a friend’s link so they get additional space.
    2. Sharing Folders Do this from the Dropbox Web site
    3. Control which folders are Synced to this computer Do this from the MenuBar iCon
  10. Issues You can’t change the color of the Dropbox iCons in your MenuBar therefore you won’t see any difference between them. You can live with this but be careful to select the correct iCon.