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Meeting Notes: ANRL’s Oct 21, 2016 Board Meeting
Jan 20, 2017 rap

This board meeting was held at 11:00 AM at the Library at Cypress Cove.

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

  1. Call the meeting to order: Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present at meeting: President: Dave Graber, Vice President: Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President: Lou Cook, Secretary: Bob Proctor, Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
    2. Not present: Director, Ted Hadley
    3. Also present at meeting: Terry Crump, Jim Sweeney, Paul LeValley, Ed Westen, Sue Nathan, JoAn Marchese, Jim Sweeney, Fred Van Nest, Joan Harris, Ed Westen and Payl LeValley
  3. Presidents Report: Dave Graber

  4. V President’s Report: Edward Waller

  5. Secretary’s Report: Bob Proctor
    1. I published the minutes of our last board meeting and published it to the web site along with the audio recording. Look at:–2017–01–20
    2. Normal activity of correspondence and distribution of requests for support with research to our staff and research coordinator.
    3. Note sent to volunteers asking them to comment and update Dave Foote’s Job Descriptions and SOP.
    4. I continued to work with David Foote on the web site update procedure, the SOP and the Job Descriptions page.
    5. I read ANRL’s mail and either act on items that I can address or forward them to someone who can.
    6. Master Password file updated. This is in a Dropbox folder.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim
    As of 01/10/17: Checking $2300.08
    As of 01/10/17: Money Market $20,707.76
    As of 12/31/16: CDs $95,000.00
    Total $118,007.84

Digital Expense for 2016: $2141.82
Digital Actuals which are part of the CDs: $20, 497.75
I will continue sharing the actuals for Digital as this was a big project to get the digitalization of the library and there was a lot of voluntary contributions and some big amounts given. This way we are able to let these contributors know what we are doing with the money.

Income Comparisons 2015 2016 Difference

Books and Magazines: 2361.35 1089.75 1271.60 Membership Income: 3935.00 2145.00 1790.00

Expense Comparisons Office Supplies: 319.64 923.97 604.33

Roe Ostheim- Treasurer

  1. Scanning Committee Report: Ed Westen

  2. Newsletter Committee: Jim Sweeney

  3. Membership: Terry Crump

  4. Newsletter: Jim Sweeney

  5. Database Report: Bob Proctor
    1. Added “Stop” buttons to many of the buttons used to send Mail to members to prevent accidental sending of mail if button was accidentally clicked.
  6. Tech Committee Report: Bob Proctor
    1. Dropbox Activity:
      1. The 2.5GB Dropbox with UserID: was removed and replaced with the ANRL’s 1TB Dropbox with userID:
      2. File cleanup which involved removal of old files and moving folders around.
    2. Web site Activity: Bob Proctor
      1. ~25 Security updates were installed
      2. New Core modules installed
      3. Numerous file updates installed by the scanning and newsletter teams
      4. Moved big files from SiteGround ftp area to make room for backups
      5. Making plans to move ANRL’s web site from Bob Proctor’s SiteGround Account into an account owned by ANRL. This does not need to be done immediately but it should be done.
      6. Deleted unneeded folders and files to preserve space
      7. Archived MP3 files of old Board Meetings into Dropbox. Size of these is around 2 GB on Oct 07, 2016.
  7. Old Business

  8. New Business

  9. Meeting adjourned at xx:xx pm