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  1. Presidents Report: Dave Graber

    All of our people have been working very hard both Scanner groups have made a lot of progress. They will give details in their reports
    this is the first
    this is the second

    this is the third

    We have been having some days with a lot of visitors which is very positive our librarians have been making them aware of what we have and helping them find information about their clubs or articles in magazines on things they are interested in. The scanned material in the Patron computer has made these searches faster and easer.

    There will be a new summary on our Collection area on the web site. It will be located after the first click of Collection’s. It is a list of the different materials and how many we have in the ANRL library it does not count the many duplicates. The total number is over 20,600. This doesn’t count much that is in the file cabinets. These numbers are farther in the web site but many people don’t find them. 4 We plan covering some activists that would be good for the library making it more robust for the future. But we need people that are interested in working on them. If anyone has some time and would like to help out the library, we are looking for you. Some of these projects could be done primarily from your home. Whoever wants to help the library please contact me so we can talk and find an activity you would like and can help us.
    There has been some discussion on where is the library going? One key Item was looking into Putting our digitized material on the internet to share with research people or library’s. The ANRL board stopped any material going on the internet until a firm understanding of where the big boys are and the courts. Google is spending millions of dollars to develop a working procedure on how to Scan non copyrighted material and copyrighted material. What I have read is for ANRL to scan our copyrighted material for preservation is within the law. But when you start sharing this material with researchers or other library’s in its entirety there are potential serious legal implications. For the time being I think we need to watch how the big boys worked this out. One of the judges Judge Chin on the Google Book scanning case made this statement “he suggested that this matter would best be dealt with by Congress, rather than the courts”. As of right now the “scanned books can be searched through the Google Books search engine, which allows readers to search books for keywords or phrases and read some snippets of text.” google has spent million on legal cost for this projects.
    The Authors Guild proposes that Congress establish a collective management organization called the National Digital Library, similar to A5CAP, to license digital rights to out-of-print books. Authors, publishers and other rights holders would be paid for the use of their works, and they would have the right to exclude their books from any or all uses. This was not set up. The Authors guild has stated they will take their case against Google to the supreme court. This information came from Authors and article by Alexandra Alteroct. 16,2015 other parts came from WIKIPEDIA and Google book search projects on line.