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Meeting Notes: ANRL’s Jan 22, 2016 Board Meeting
Jan 20, 2016

This board meeting was held at 11:00 AM in the main room of the library at Cypress Cove Resort.

The audio recording of the meeting is available here


  1. Call the meeting to order - Dave Graber
  2. Roll Call
  3. Reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting.
    • Please review the minutes which are posted on our Web site along with an audio recording. Reports of Officers and Directors
    • President - Dave Graber
    • Vice President - Edward Waller
    • Secretary - Bob Proctor
    • Treasurer - Roe Ostheim
    • Director - Ted Hadley
  4. Reports of Committees
    • Scanning Bound Material - Ed Westen
    • Newsletters - Jim Sweeney
    • Membership - Bob Proctor
    • Database - Bob Proctor
    • Technical Committee - Bob Proctor
    • Newsletter -Bob Proctor
  5. Old and Unfinished Business
  6. New Business
  7. Adjournment

Here are the planned dates for the next meetings: ??-??

  1. Call the meeting to order: Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present at meeting: President: Dave Graber, Vice President: Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President: Roger Vonland, Secretary: Bob Proctor, Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
    2. Not present: Director, Ted Hadley
    3. Also present at meeting: JoAn & Frank Marchese, Terry Crump, Jim Sweeney, Paul LeValley, Ed Westen, Joan Harris, Sue Nathan, Fred Van Nest.
  3. Review of minutes of last meeting Highlights of last meeting notes were read. Report was accepted as read. The report is on the Web site at:

  4. Presidents Report: Dave Graber

  5. V President’s Report: Edward Waller

  6. Secretary’s Report: Bob Proctor
    The significant event this quarter was the Dean Hadley Video Interview. The 36-minute video was shot on Dec 16, 2015, edited soon afterwards and published on the ANRL Web site as a YouTube Video on Dec 19, 2015. Reoccurring tasks include: normal correspondence by Email and USMail, bookkeeping, membership updates, publishing articles to the Web site, submitting “Did You Know?” articles and Web site maintenance.
    There was a report that Fred Van Nest was hospitalized recently but details are missing. Does anyone know how Fred is doing?

  7. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim

  8. Scanning Committee Report: Ed Westen

  9. Newsletter Committee: Jim Sweeney

  10. Membership: Bob Proctor
    There were several new members and Life members for this period. We have 184 members who get Email notifications and 13 who are not on Email. Dues notices were sent to 15 who are between 13 and 180 days out of date and 24 who are between 181 and 1000 days out of date. 10 of these are Club Sponsors. Membership info is all in the FileMaker Database. Many Emails and USMails with reminders to renew membership have not been acknowledged. Members are move to Inactive status when no contact is made for over 3 years.

  11. Database: Bob Proctor
    All FileMaker 14 files are stored in ANRL’s secure Dropbox. Minor changes to scripts are needed almost every month. Changes are for error checking, increased functionality and bug fixes. While using the Database, I fix things that need fixing rather then let them pile up for later maintenance. We have some books and videos that need to be entered into the Database.

    1. Tech Committee Report: Bob Proctor
      Two new Training pages were added: 1) “Sending Mail to ANRL Membership” and 2) “Dropbox Folder and File Sharing.” Several Training pages were updated. Training pages are in the Staff Only area of ANRL’s Web site. All volunteers are encouraged to read these pages and setup their computers to use the procedures.
  12. Old Business

  13. New Business

  14. **Motion to adjourn the meeting

  15. Meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM.