Revision of Main Initiatives at ANRL from Thu, 02/26/2015 - 11:39

Initiatives at ANRL

Feb 26, 2015 rap

  1. Publicize ANRL Submit articles to organizations. We trying to think of any ways to energize ANRL.
  2. Grow Membership We are implementing new incentives. For example, ANRL Members can now borrow books and videos.
  3. Link with Clubs Both by using Club Sponsors and direct contact. We want clubs to add links to us on their Web sites.
  4. Mentor Program This will improve skills of volunteers and train them to possibly replace key individuals. Training classes are now being offered.
  5. Archive all digital data into ANRL’s Dropbox
  6. Index Digital Archives This will be an automated process.
  7. Update and enhance the Web site The Web site is good but could be improved.
  8. Complete the Scan of all Magazines We are estimating 50% complete as of Feb 26, 2015
  9. Complete the inventory of all Magazines
  10. Link Inventory of Magazines with Scanned Magazines and Legacy Database The legacy Database has large quantities of metadata.
  11. Scanning (beyond magazines) This includes Books, postcards, club folders, Newsletters, etc.
  12. Search for Research Librarian ANRL is seeking help from a professional librarian.
  13. Partner with Academic Institutions ANRL is investigating this with the help of Carl Hild and Paul LaValley.
  14. Understand Copyright Laws and Limitations We would like to share our material in a safe way which is within Copyright Laws.
  15. Unify the Library We have activities that are not linked into the Database and independent projects which are proceeding unilaterally. We all need to work together and build one Library.