Video Notes

AANR Video for 2015 Trustee Meeting

Nov 25, 2014

  1. Proposal
    1. The Trustee meeting is the first weekend in Feb, 2015. It’s a 2-day meeting with the first being committee reports and the second being the meeting. 8 AM - 5 PM.
    2. Videotape the AANR Trustee Meeting around Feb 5–6–7, 2015 and setup a Live Streaming Web site. Alternatively, publish it someplace and then have a Web site page with links.
    3. ANRL would be involved in this venture and would drive it.
    4. ANRL would keep the end product in its archives
  2. Technical Questions
    1. Videographer? Who can do this?
    2. What equipment is needed?
      1. My video camera is a Canon HG10 with an internal 40 GB hard disc. I have a shotgun microphone and a wide-angle lens. HG10 User Manual
        1. HG10 Maximum Recording Time (approximate figures) 40 GB hard disk drive:
          • HXP: 5 hr. 30 min., XP: 9 hr. 30 min., SP: 11 hr. 30 min., LP: 15 hr.
      2. I have an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS–801 and have used it to record ANRL Board Meetings
    3. Video Camera - 2 Sony Handicam HDR-SR5
      1. Not supported by Final Cut Pro X
      2. outputs MPG which can not be imported into Final Cut Pro X
      3. Convert MPG iSkySoft
      4. Convert MPG
        1. Free Trial but $35 purchase… hold on this!
    4. How and where to get needed equipment?
      1. Monoprice
      2. GoPro Camera
    5. Resolution? Higher the resolution means more data, more DVDs, more storage,
      1. Shoot in HD?
      2. Shoot in lower resolution?
    6. End Product & Delivery?
      1. You Tube
      2. Web site
      3. Streaming
      4. DVD
      5. How to capture the video into an Archive Copy for ANRL and AANR?
  3. Technical Info
    1. Distance from ANRL to the Cypress Cove ClubHouse: ???feet
    2. Distance from GameRoom to ClubHouse: ???feet
    3. Bandwidth of ANRL’s Internet connection with CenturyLink: 20 Mbps downlink
    4. ANRL’s ISP
      1. Subscription Type: GrowBig Account
  4. Resources:
    1. Dale Proctor: Called Nov 21, 2014 He suggests using YouTube, any format. The Microphone is key. Need Mixer & several microphones.
    2. Lynda training - Hundreds on video… which ones to watch?
      1. Video:
    3. Internet search
      1. Google: equipment needed for live streaming for example…
        1. DaCast
        2. Leo Laporte
      2. Google: low budget video podcast for example…
      3. Google: live streaming service provider
        1. There are lots of choices that don’t cost much.
      4. Google Hangouts Tutorial
      5. Google Hangouts On Air
  5. Committees: Members have yet to be assigned.
    1. Technical: Bob Proctor Chairman.
      1. Marji McNeely, AANR Trustee & Technical Committee chair
      2. Steve Vickers (AANR technical guy who has setup Audio Box for multi-microphone recordings)
    2. Logistical/Political: Fred Van Nest Chairman
  6. YouTube training on Final Cut Express Export
    1. Video1
  7. Video Editing
    1. Final Cut Pro X
    2. IdealWare
    3. Fusion Drive
    4. There is an interesting Blog post by FCPX training guru Larry Jordan that addresses the issue of Fusion Drive. See it here.
    5. LaCie 3TB Thunderbolt–2 external hard disc 4400
    6. FCP X Supported Cameras
  8. Uploading video to YouTube
    1. Features
    2. Upload videos longer than 15 minutes
  9. Take a look at Video sharing site created by film makers in 2004 or 05. MUCH better privacy and sharing controls.

Vimeo Basic (FREE) account
Vimeo Plus ($59/yr)
Vimeo Help
Vimeo Basics
Vimeo FAQs Vimeo Share Features

  1. Vimeo Channels
    1. Only one channel is allowed with the Free Account
    2. Name of Channel: ANRL Video Channel