Newsletter Ideas Jan 2015

Newsletter Ideas April 2014
Updated May 19, 2014

This is a draft of some ideas for the next ANRL Newsletter. I created and updated this over the past few months. These ideas are in no particular order. Some or all of these could be woven into a future ANRL Newsletter. I’ll continue to fill in details and new topics as we proceed, but I’ll send it for review today.

  1. President’s Corner: (Dave Graber will supply this write-up)

  2. Secretaries Message:
    1. Since being elected Secretary I have taken over processing correspondence that we get in the form of US Mail and Email. I have either answered the mail or passed it on to somebody else who could handle it.
    2. Notes and audio recordings have been posted to our Web site for Board meetings and special meetings including those with AANR.
    3. ANRL has refreshed it’s “Florida Non-Profit Corporation” status after paying approximately $250 for past due updates. We are now legal corporation and our official name is American Nudist Research Library®, Inc.
    4. Thank-You notes have been sent for cash donations and for material donated to the library
  3. Profile: Bob Proctor
    1. Grew up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin and left the farm at age 21 to study engineering.
    2. Served in the US Navy as a 2nd Class Electronics Technician.
    3. Graduated with a BSEE/CS from Newark College of Engineering in Newark, NJ.
    4. Bob and his wife Mitzi have lived at the Cove full-time for the last four years. Before that they were “Snow Birds” and spent winters in the RV park for four years.
    5. His son lives in Tampa with his wife and three grand children.
    6. Bob was a Senior Engineer at IBM Microelectronics in Burlington, VT and retired after 36 years.
    7. Bob has a solid background in computer technology and now has 5 Mac computers and a huge data farm. He founded the Cove Apple Club over 8 years ago and gives presentations at the twice monthly meetings. He is a true computer geek.
    8. Programs in perl and has written many perl programs while doing ANRL work.
    9. Hobbies include: home brewing, flying private airplanes with 800+ hours of flight time (VFR and IFR) and visiting every state east of the Mississippi, learning and keeping current in computer technology, problem solving, solving wood puzzles, and creating video production. Bob has authored approximately ten videos including Cove Players’ performances and other special events both inside and outside Cypress Cove. Bob has around 1200 beer bottles in his on-line collection.
    10. Has spent the last 2-years and 8-months taking weekly trips to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for chemotherapy treatments for Mitzi’s ovarian cancer.
    11. Has known and worked with many people in the nudist community for the past 40 years.
    12. Maintained the Public WiFi at Cypress Cove for the last 3 summers.
    13. Started his volunteer work at ANRL in August 2012.
    14. Accomplishments at ANRL include: re-design of ANRL’s web site, introduction of hi-speed Internet to the library, conversion of cassette tapes to .mp3, design of ANRL’s Local-Web-Page (page for viewing Who’s Who folders, Club Folders and listening to .mp3.), installation of UPS devices on three of ANRL’s computers, migration from FileMaker 5 to a FileMaker 12 Relational Database, building an elaborate Membership Database, building a Magazine Database which hooks Surplus, Archive and Scanned magazines, installed Crashplan (a backup system for three Library computers), re-write of ANRL’s SOP and Volunteer Librarian Guidelines.
    15. Bob is now serving as Secretary of ANRL.
  4. Scanning Report
    1. Scanning continues at an ever increasing pace. Ed Westen is responsible for scanning bound material and Jim Sweeney is responsible for scanning loose articles and newsletters.
    2. There are now 5 volunteers scanning bound magazines and to date we now have:
      1. Total jpg: 112,346 (1 .jpeg is 1 page of a document)
      2. Total mag_dvd_pdf: 1,430 - these are the .pdf that get recorded on the DVDs
      3. Total mag_pdf: 2341 (individual magazines) - These are visible on the Patron Computer in the Library.
      4. Total Newsletter_pdf: 1,072 (These are club newsletter with several pages each)
  5. Technical Committee
    1. A new Patron Computer has been installed in the library and is available to patrons to use to view scanned magazines, listen to audio tapes, and view the Who’s Who files. It’s a Windows 8.1 machine and has a 23" screen. We have tried to prevent patron use of the USB ports. We allow printing pages from individual magazines if desired.
    2. Database Updates
      1. Migration from FM5 to FM12: Inconsistencies in the FM5 database and lack of documentation on the meaning of each field has led to data being entered in incorrect fields. We are now trying to correct that however it would take a complete inventory to correct all problems.
      2. Merge of Surplus and Archive Magazines into single Relational Database table has been done. Scanned magazines are in a separate related table. There are many surplus items that never got into the Database so it’s accuracy isn’t very good.
      3. All the Database design work is being done by Bob Proctor in his house. Updates are being automatically sent to the Library with an Internet connected Transporter Device. This is a private 2 TB Cloud Storage device and is located in Bob’s house.
      4. Database development is being done using the “admin” account. General librarian work will be done using the “Librarian” account.
    3. Inventory of our books is almost complete. We have Dewey Decimal classification numbers for 40% of our books. Database records are now being updated by putting books in correct categories (Archive, For Loan, Surplus for sale) and we have updated suggested donation prices for books that are for sale.
    4. Research of Copyright Laws and regulations is underway. We are wanting to fully understand the laws and then find ways in which we can release some content to the general public w/o possible copyright problems. Recent purchase of the “Getting Permission” book may show ways of getting permission.
    5. Our Web site has
      1. Volunteer positions that we need to fill
      2. Forms for membership application, purchase of surplus material, and volunteer applications
      3. Names of people in Who’s Who
      4. Names of books in our collection
      5. Names of Clubs
      6. Names of VHS tapes
      7. Names of magazines in our Database along with the write-up of contents of the magazine if it exists. This data is searchable with normal web browsers find feature.
  6. Membership Report
    1. Approximately 90% of Library members have working Email and prefer Email notifications. The remaining members either have no Email or have requested delivery by US Mail. Using Email simplifies membership tasks, provides faster communication and saves a lot of time, not to mention the savings on postage.
    2. ANRL Membership Cards are now being sent by Email and can be printed by members.
  7. 35th Anniversary Event Saturday, April 5, 2014
    1. We had a 10’ tent with an information table in front of Cheeks.
    2. Bob designed a new 35th Anniversary Poster and we displayed that in the tent. The vinyl poster is now being displayed near the entrance to the Library. Five 13“ x 18” posters were written by Dave Graber and Bob Proctor posted on the table at this event. The Web site has photos of the posters and banners.
  8. Assistance given for AANR’s scanning project
    1. The first meeting was with Catherine Hendrickson from the AANR office in Kissimmee. Meeting notes and an audio recording of that meeting is on our Web site.
    2. The second meeting was with Art Wilson (from the AANR Office in Kissimmee) at the library on March 21, 2014 with Dave, Ed, Jim and Bob. The topic of the meeting was “Understand ANRL’s Scanning Process.” Art is involved in scanning documents at AANR and wanted to get a good understanding of the task at hand and also wanted to fully understand how ANRL operates.
  9. New Volunteers at ANRL:
    1. Tom Bergen is helping with the Digital Project by scanning magazines. Tom is retired, lives in Lakeland, FL. and comes to the Cove a couple times a week.
    2. Sue Nathan is keeping the doors open Wednesdays and doing some librarian duties. Sue lives at the Cove and is involved in a number of Cove activities.
    3. Gail Witherspoon is helping with the Digital Project by scanning magazines. On a good day she can scan 800+ pages. Gail lives in the Cove winters and in Canada summers. Gail is well known by many Cove people and involved in many activities.
    4. Maelouise Cook lives at the Cove, spends summers at Turtle Lake, and will be volunteering next winter season.
    5. Greg Wright is now on the Scanning team
  10. ANRL had an open house Wine and Cheese event while the AANR Trustee meeting happened (Need date of this meeting). We had approximately 50 people in the Library at that event and four cash donations were given to ANRL including:
    1. $2000 AANR Western Region (Bev Price)
    2. $200 Western Canadian Association For Nude Recreation, Inc. (Sharell Kopp)
    3. $200 AANR East
    4. $250 AANR Northwest (Karen Lahey, Pres.) presented by Mike & Sharon Parker.
  11. Articles in “N” Magazine
    1. Mark Silverstein wrote an article titled “American Nudist Research Library” talking about what goes on at ANRL from his observation point in the Scanning Room.
  12. Recent Articles in The Bulletin:
    1. Ashley Behun (AANR Publicity Department) wrote an article in January 2014 issue on Bob Proctor’s activities at ANRL.
    2. The article “Nudist Challenge For A Research Librarian” was published in the April, 2014 issue. This article was written by Fred Van Nest. To date we have had two productive replies: Gary Harris and Bob Lorenzen.
  13. Business Cards for Staff Members are now available for Ed Westen, Jim Sweeney, Roe Ostheim, Dave Graber, John Frakes, Bob Proctor and there is also a general card for ANRL.

  14. “Cameras do not live forever” Fred Van Nest wrote a detailed report on how cameras and lenses fail and made a distinction between ‘commercial use’ and ‘casual use’ of cameras. Commercial use gets into taking 100,000 or more pictures whereas casual use involves numbers of pictures around 5 or 10 thousand. Our cameras have started to fail. Rewriting Fred’s story could make a nice report for the Newsletter.

  15. Re-Organizing where we keep material at the Library will make it easier to keep track of what we have. We have started a clean-up process in which we’re getting rid of unused stuff (re: the recent ‘Give-Away Garage Sale’), building new shelves and moving everything around. This could be a story for the Newsletter.

  16. Updates to the ‘ANRL Database’ This Database consists of: Books, Magazines, Videos, Audio Recordings, Who’s Who folder contents, Club Folder contents, Clubs, and Newsletters. PDF files will be viewable and .mp3 files will be playable in the Database. Bob Proctor is working on this and will give demos to anyone wanting to know details.

  17. Book Inventory is in progress. Updates will be written into ‘ANRL Database’ and then will be available to anyone who has access to this Database.

  18. VIDEO Inventory is in progress. Updates will be written into ‘ANRL Database’ and then will be available to anyone who has access to this Database.