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New Material Handling Procedures

Updated Oct 30, 2014

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Library Material Location and Definitions

Material Handling Procedures for Material Coming In and Going Out of the library

  1. General
    1. The flow of material both in and out of the library needs to be controlled so the Database will properly reflect ANRL’s material. This process includes the following areas:
      1. New material that comes in as donations or in any other way.
      2. Sold surplus material or Material that is given away or donated to other organizations.
      3. Borrowed material (material that members have borrowed.)
    2. Advantages of defining procedures for material flow
      1. Librarians will know exactly what to do without any confusion.
      2. All Librarians will do things the same way.
      3. The Database will accurately reflect ANRL’s inventory.
      4. Inventories may still be necessary but not needed frequently.
  2. New Material from Donations
    1. Donation may come in from any source.
    2. A record of the kind of donation is made by a librarian in the “Donation Log Book.” The record should have the donator’s name, address and Email clearly written so proper acknowledgement is possible. Mark the record “Anonymous” if necessary.
    3. The donated item or items are set aside by the librarian for proper logging and identification by the Secretary. A convenient place to set the newly donated items is on the table under the “Material Information Station.”
    4. The secretary will search the Database and will determine whether it’s ne new material or extra copies of material that we already have.
    5. Database updates will be made by the secretary as appropriate.
    6. The secretary will mark the material with the proper tags or stamps.
    7. Either the secretary or the librarian will place the new material on its proper shelf or in its proper bin.
    8. Acknowledgement
      1. The donation Log Book will be updated by the person who acknowledged when acknowledgement is complete.
      2. The secretary will send letters and Emails of acknowledgement.
      3. The Donation Log should have the name and date of the acknowledgement and also the kind of acknowledgement, such as verbal, letter or Email.
  3. Surplus Material that is sold or donated
    1. Records of sold material will be used to update our Database and then to make updated reports which will be posted on our Web site.
    2. Patrons wanting to purchase our surplus material will see accurate lists of our surplus material on our Web site.
    3. Surplus DVDs for DVDs which are not protected by Copyright will be replaced by the secretary by burning a new copy from the Master DVD.
  4. Borrowed material (material that members have borrowed)
    1. We want to keep track of borrowed material so we can get it back. As of today, this process is managed by “Book/Video Checkout Forms” and “Library Cards” and is not tracked in the Database.
    2. Results from “Feedback Forms” is tracked in the Database.