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Material Information Station

Updated Oct 30, 2014

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Library Material Location and Definitions

  1. The Material Information Station is located above the cabinet where we keep keys.
  2. There are several parts of this station
    1. A small card box for the cards that are normally in the pocket of each book/video. The card will have the book/video name and the member name and date borrowed. This card is moved from the book/video to the card box at the time the book/video is borrowed.
    2. A small card box with cards that go into the card pocket of the book/video at the time the book/video is borrowed. These cards will have return contact information, date due and member number.
    3. A Storage Rack for small folders and 3-ring binders with six shelves
      1. Shelf–1:
        1. Membership 3-ring binder
        2. Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) including
          1. Librarian Procedures
          2. Volunteer Procedures
          3. Backup Procedures
      2. Shelf–2:
        1. Blank “Book/Video Check-Out Forms”
        2. Filled out “Book/Video Check-Out Forms”
        3. Book/Video Evaluation Forms
        4. “Waiting List” folder
      3. Shelf–3:
        1. 3-ring folder with one side called Donated Material and the other side called Sold Material
      4. Shelf–4:
        1. 3-ring folder with list of Scanned Digital Archives
      5. Shelf–5:
        1. Other folders which seem to be now on the librarian’s desk
      6. Shelf–6:
        1. This is an extra shelf with an undefined purpose as of today.