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Borrowing Procedures

Updated Oct 30, 2014

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Library Material Location and Definitions

Note: The Material Location page uses terms like A1, A2 and S1. This terminology is a shorthand notation for use while reading this document. At some point, the shelf labels should be changed to be the “Meaning” of the shorthand notation.

Understanding Material Classification Codes
Shorthand Notation Meaning
A1 Archived (Can be viewed by anyone while in the library)
A2, A2, A3 or A4 Circulating (Members can borrow these for 1 week)
S1 Surplus (Available to anybody. Members get a special deal or a 20% discount on suggested donations)

Borrowing Procedures for Books and Videos (DVD or VHS)

  1. General
    1. ANRL is wanting to make it easy and fun to borrow material from its A2 Archive of books and videos.
    2. ANRL is wanting to make our members happy and not impose many rules or regulations. We’re trying to gain members, not chase them away while at the same time keep track of borrowed material so we don’t lose anything.
    3. Library members can borrow up to three A2 books or A2 videos for 1 week.
      • The suggested time period and number of borrowed items should be sufficient to read or watch the material and will allow other members to also have access to the material in a timely way.
      • This rule can be adjusted if there is a special need or request from a member.
    4. Library members can purchase S1 videos for a $5 donation. This is a special deal for members!
    5. Library Patrons can purchase S1 videos for a $10.00 donation. The normal 20% discount for members does not apply because their suggested donation is $5.00.
    6. Library members will receive the 20% discount on Books and Magazines.
    7. Library Patrons can view books and/or videos while inside the library.
    8. Books and/or videos can either be returned to the library, to ANRL’s book return box in the Cove Office or by mail.
    9. Members are responsible for a replacement cost for books/videos which are not returned.
  2. Book Preparation Details
    1. An empty library card pocket will be attached to each A2 book, VHS and DVD
    2. Each book will have a tag on its binding which has a 3-letter code on its binding signifying the first three letters of the author’s last name or the first three letters of the book name. When there are several books using the same 3-letter code, then the Database index number will also be added to help identify the material. The legacy tagging style which used Fic and NonFic has been depreciated and is no longer needed.
    3. Each video will be marked with its Database index number and title.
  3. Material Check-Out Details
    1. The Librarian will verify the member’s status, member number, address, phone and Email. There is a red 3-ring membership binder with names of all our members in the Material Information Station.
    2. The member will fill out a “Book/Video Sign-Out Sheet” itemizing all books and videos. Extra Sign-Out sheets are in the Material Information Station. The same form is used for Books and Videos.
    3. Library cards and folder with “Book/Video Sign-Out Sheets” are also in the Material Information Station.
    4. Librarian and member will sign the “Book/Video Sign-Out Sheet”
    5. The Librarian will fill out a library card for each book or video borrowed and will place the card in the card pocket of the book or video. The card will have the book or video name, the member number and the due date. There is a supply of extra cards on the Librarian’s desk.
    6. The member will be asked to fill out an “Evaluation Form” for each book/video borrowed. This anonymous information will be added to the Database by the secretary so others will know more about the material and library staff will know what books/videos are getting the highest viewings and ratings.
  4. Material Check-In Details
    1. Books/videos may be returned to ANRL or placed in the ANRL’s “Book Return Box” in the Cove Office or simply given to a desk clerk at the Cove Office. ANRL’s “Book Return Box” is located on the floor of the office just to the right of the main doorway.
    2. Alternatively, books/videos may be mailed back to ANRL. Flat Rate envelopes are available from ANRL or from any Post Office.
    3. Librarians will collect the Evaluation Form and file them in the “Borrowed Material Folder.”
    4. The secretary will update the Database with evaluation results.
    5. The librarian will remove the “Library Card” from the material and place it into the small bin at the “Material Information Station”
    6. The librarian will find the “Book/Video Card” from the small bin at the “Material Information Station” and place it back in the card pocket of the book/video.
    7. Librarian will return the book/video to its correct shelf.
  5. Waiting List for Material
    1. If a book/video becomes popular and is temporarily unavailable, then a member can request being added to a “Waiting List.” The “Waiting List” must have the member’s preferred contact information.
    2. The “Waiting List” folder is stored in Shelf–2 of the Storage Rack on the Material Information Station.
    3. The Librarian will call the member when the material becomes available.
  6. Reports on Borrowing Activity
    1. The Secretary will make periodic reports showing rankings, number of books/videos borrowed, etc.
  7. Selling S1 Books and S1 VHS
    1. S1 books and VHS tapes are hard copy and are not expected to be replaced because we have copies in A1 and A2.
    2. When S1 books and S1 VHS tapes are sold, the librarian should record the book/video name, code name and index number in the “Sold Material” book so lists of available material can be updated both in the library and on our Web site.
    3. The Secretary will process entries in the “Sold Material” book and update lists of available material.
  8. Selling S1 DVDs
    1. S1 DVDs are soft-copy and will be replaced (a new DVD will be burned) from master copies of our A1 Videos.
    2. The Librarian will record the video name and index number in the “Sold Material” book.
    3. The Secretary will reproduce the DVD from the master copy, label it and put the replacement DVD on its shelf.
  9. Requests for extension of Due Dates
    1. If it becomes impossible for a member to return material by the due date then the member should notify the library and negotiate an extension.