Board Meeting of Nov 15, 2013

Nov 17, 2013

There was a Board Meeting of ANRL on Dec 15, 2013. There were two significant announcements at that meeting. First, Helen Fisher announced that she is resigning as Secretary after many years of service to the library, serving both as President and Secretary. Second, ANRL President Edward Waller announced that he will be stepping down as President. In the words of General Sherman, “I will not run if nominated, and I will not serve if elected.” So with the loss of two important Board members, and with the election of officers approaching in January, 2014, we need some help. A nominating committee is hard at work getting a slate of candidates. If you are interested in helping the Library in any way, please contact us and tell us what you could do. The ANRL Web site has a page of volunteer positions, many of which could be filled from the comfort of your home.