Updated: May 16, 2023

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American Nudist Research Library
2950 Sun Cove Dr.
Kissimmee, FL, 34746

Note: All Library Members and Volunteers receive a 20% discount off “suggested donations” for Surplus Library Documents!

Tax Deductable Membership Contribution
Category Contribution Note
Associate Membership (Couple) $30.00/yr Jul 30, 2022
Premium Membership $50/yr Starting after Digital Archives
are available on-line
Club Sponsorship Free For Clubs that support ANRL
Please Contact ANRL
Sustaining Member (Toward Life) $125.00/yr
for 4 years
Patron (Life Membership) $500.00
One-Time Only

Checks may be made payable to ANRL. Note: This Website is not set up to accept online payments with Credit Cards, however you can pay with PayPal by using the eMail address.

ANRL is working on a Premium Membership ($50/year) which would offer access to some of our digital magazine archives. To make this happen, we need to test use of Google Workspace. If you have specific archives you would like to see included contact ANRL at

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Updated Apr 25, 2016

Membership Codes used in FileMaker Database
Code Value
A Annual Family
T Sustaining
L Life Patron
V Volunteer
HL Honorary Life Patron
CS Club Sponsor
L-CS Life Patron+ Club Sponsor
HL-CS Honorary Life Patron + Club Sponsor
L-V Life Patron + Volunteer
T-V Sustaining + Volunteer
T-CS Sustaining + Club Sponsor
U Unknown
P Premium
R Retired
L-R Life Patron, Retired
I Inactive
L-D Life Patron, Deceased
A-S Active-Stelth
B Bestower
G Guest