Data Flow Work Flow

ANRL Data Flow Work Flow

May 07, 2013
- Bob Proctor

Scanned Digital Data

Main Repository


Note: THE_BIG_ANRL is a container directory that holds all data in ANRL’s Local-Web-Page

ANRL’s Local-Web-Page

Note: This the html page that patrons will use to view Library Content. It isn’t published on the Internet and it’s only available inside ANRL.

Working Disks

  2. SCANS folder on DELL Computer
    1. Jim’s Newsletters on DELL computer
      1. 2011, 2012, 2013 Newsletters, etc.
      2. Unique files scanned from club folders


  1. DropSync is a program for Backing Up and Syncing folders on Mac
  2. Gemini is a program for finding duplicates on Mac.


  1. Mark’s scanning:
    1. Mark scans documents and then leaves his work on the scanning machine. Ed picks these up every so often and processes them.
  2. Ed’s scanning:
    1. Ed scans documents and saves the results on the scanning machine. At the end of the day, Ed takes all the scanned data (both his and Mark’s) home for processing.
  3. Ed’s processing:
    1. Make PDF files for each magazine from Image files
    2. OCR on PDF files
    3. make Magazine TOC files
    4. Organize magazine files into DVD folders
    5. Write DVDs when there is enough PDF files content to fill DVDs.
    6. Save spill-over PDF files into a Miscellaneous folder
    7. Write results onto a USB 2 TB external disc called “ANRL Digital Archives”
  4. Jim’s Newsletter Collection / Processing
    1. Gather a year’s worth of Newsletters and write all that into a folder called 20xx_Newsletters
    2. Sort through old scanned documents for old newsletters then add these into the SCANS folder.
  5. Bob’s processing
    1. use DropSync to synchronize the following folders into “THE_BIG_ANRL”
      1. “ANRL Digital Archives”
      2. SCANS
      3. Newsletters
    2. Once the data are synchronized into “THE_BIG_ANRL”, some computer processing takes place
      1. Dir_Inspector


  • Updates to THE_BIG_ANRL
    1. Jim updates local copy of Newsletters
    2. Bob uses DropSync to update Master Copy