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Welcome to the American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. The ANRL was established 36 years ago on September 3, 1979 to preserve the history of the social nudist movement in North America and throughout the world. It is a repository of material rather

Research Library Resources

Research Library Resources

Dec 31, 2014

ANRL is moving into the digital age. We have scanned over 50% of our magazine archive. We are scanning Club Newsletters as we get them and we’re also working on scanning older Newsletters. We plan to scan our book collection and also photos, postcards, and special interest folders. The resources provided in the following links will provide invaluable information for us to manage and organize our digital archives to enable researchers to accomplish their goals.

We encourage our members to use these resources!

2014 Holiday Dinner

ANRL Holiday Dinner 2014

Jan 04, 2015

These snapshots were taken at ANRL’s 2014 Holiday Dinner on Dec 13, 2014 at the Cypress Cove Terrace. We all had plenty to eat and time so socialize and have fun. It was nice to have so many of ANRL’s volunteers at this event!

ALA Membership

American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. is a member of ALA

We have been a member since around 2002. We encourage members to use the ALA Web Site

ANRL has a Login to the Web site and if you need the UserID and Password then contact ANRL at anrl@anrl.org

35th Anniversary Banner

35th Anniversary Banner

May 01, 2014

ANRL is now showing its 35th Anniversary Banner. 35th Anniversary Banner

The banner is on display near the front door of the library. 35th Anniversary Banner

The banner is flying at the 35th Anniversary Tent event. 35th Dave-Roe


Open Research Projects

Nov 11, 2015 Research (Open Research Projects).md

Several researchers are working with ANRL volunteers on their research projects:

Publicize ANRL

Publicize ANRL

Nov 09, 2014


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July 18, 2015 Added a page Curt Bishoff Donates Material At the July 17, 2015 Board Meeting

Jul 15, 2015 Added a page Naked: A Cultural History of American Nudism This is a New Book Release by Brian Hoffman. Check it out!!

Historical Documents